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Christian Bellisario

Saturday 7 july, 20:30, Teatro Foce, Lugano






Cello is a surprising instrument. Invented more than 4 centuries ago or thereabouts, it certainly does not show the signs of time; on the contrary, it has demonstrated that it possesses exceptional versatility. The violin, king of the strings, undoubtedly stands out for its unrivalled agility and brilliance, but it is the cello that has earned the title of the instrument with a human voice.

Without question, the magic lies in the perfect relationship between the size of the sound box, hence the volume of the air column that is vibrated, and its sound texture (pitch) that derives from its tuning. But it was not easy to reach this level of alchemy!

The tuning of the cello over the centuries has been subject to various modifications and the optimal size of the instrument was attained thanks to brilliant craftsmen who sought to combine the best sound quality with the level of playing comfort required by the musician. Antonio Stradivari experimented with various designs, created large (“re-carved” over the following centuries) and small cellos before shaping the amazing “B-form pattern”, the current reference model, as seen in the individual shape created by Domenico Montagnana in Venice.

With its deep personality, the cello has been able to express at best the spirit of music of all epochs: in this performance, Christian Bellisario will use the intimate voice of his cello to interpret rare compositions dated from 1850 to the present. We will listen to works by E. Ysaÿe, P. Tortelier, A. Bellisario and others.




Program surprise, announced by the artist.
Music by P. Tortelier, E. Ysaÿe, A. Bellisario, etc.